The Guy Who Loves Horses

Categories: 2021 September-October Issue, Bronze, Figurative, Genre, Lawson, Mehl, and Sculpture.

Mehl Lawson’s lack of the financial resources necessary to purchase a sculpture proved to be a blessing not only to him but to the Western art world, as well. If he couldn’t buy one, he decided, he’d create one.

Lawson turned to a friend who was doing some sculpting, asked what he would need to do a sculpture, and went out and bought the basic tools his friend recommended. “I did a little one, and it started selling immediately,” he says. “Within about a year, I had sold the whole edition.”

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National Anthem

14” by 13”

“The cowboy showing respect for his country and flag.”

Noon Break

26” by 29”

“The faithful ranch horse enjoying a few minutes of rest.”