‘This is My Life’

Categories: 2022 January-February Issue, Bronze, Charcoal, Figurative, Genre, Hunt, Chris, Pastel, and Sculpture.

Sculptor Chris Hunt has dislocated each of his shoulders at least four times and broken both clavicles, both scapulae, and a couple of ribs. The Texas-born artist and former Air Force senior airman has always jumped feet first into new things, be it riding in rodeos or introducing a new medium to his repertoire. “‘No fear’ was my mantra, and still is to this day,” he says.

Hunt grew up in Damon, Texas, on a ranch on the Brazos River, where he was raised by his father Maurice and had no problem amusing himself by drawing, fishing, hunting, and riding horses. “I was constantly doing something,” he says, “and creating my own adventures if need be.”

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Scouting Report

21” by 24” by 15”

“The cunning and stealthy scout, wearing his wolf headdress, has returned from riding ahead of the war party and provided intelligence for the impending raid. The chief listens intently to his impetuous son give an opinion on the raid and how it should be conducted, as the antagonist, sitting to the right of the chief, listens in on the conversion so he can undermine the son’s approach and create controversy within the war party. The fierce warrior, wearing the buffalo headdress and staring intently across the plains, is a prime candidate for the antagonist’s fictitious story, as he is ready to fight, regardless of rhyme or reason.”

Zuni Blue

Charcoal and pastel
16” by 20”

“The Zuni are a Pueblo Indian group with a rich history who are believed to be the descendants of the prehistoric Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi). When Pueblo tribes first encountered Spanish colonizers in the 16th century, the Zuni were living in Hawikuh and five or six other towns. Collectively, these towns came to be called the Seven Cities of Cibola, host to a rumored empire of gold that was sought in vain by Francisco Vazquez de Coronado and other conquistadors.”