The Cycle of Life

Categories: 2023 January-February Issue, Oil, Robbins, Elizabeth, and Still Life.

“It’s been a busy 12 years.”

That’s how Elizabeth Robbins describes her life since the last time we visited with her. Since then, she’s continued to create masterful paintings that find homes with enthusiastic and appreciative collectors. She’s also added to her repertoire, has started a successful online instructional program and a production company, and has moved to Ogden, Utah.

She made that move in late 2013, six years after her husband Jim Pruitt passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack  while mowing the lawn at their home in Kansas. “We had a beautiful marriage,” she says. “He was the love of my life.”

Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find Robbins happily living in Utah, where she grew up and where her love of flowers took hold. Her mother had a rose garden, and one of Robbins’ chores was to eliminate the weeds. An entrepreneur by the time she was 10, Robbins would pick the flowers, dry them, arrange them in shadow boxes, and sell them to the neighbors. Little did she know that she would go on to become an artist whose paintings of floral arrangements would earn her acclaim—and many awards.

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Charmed by Roses

13.5″ by 16.5″

“Growing all the roses I paint, I can honestly say that I was so charmed by these particular roses that the painting pretty much named itself.”

Made With Pride

26″ by 26″

“I have such a deep respect for the Native American culture and how they used art to create their clothing, shields, and war bonnets. I can imagine watching one making this war bonnet and being proud of what they had created.”