Beauty is the Goal

Categories: 2023 March-April Issue, Blaise, Aaron, Oil, Pen and ink, Watercolor, and Wildlife.

“The most consistent source of my inspiration will always be nature.”

So says Aaron Blaise, who spent most of his career as an animator for Walt Disney Feature Animation before turning to fine art and capturing everything from small birds and big cats to elephants and moose in a beautifully realistic style. “The natural world, for me, is an escape,” he says. “It’s a source of wonder and, ultimately, my greatest inspiration for all of the work I do, whether it be painting, drawing, or animation. The creatures we share our planet with are so diverse and beautiful and such a source of wonder for me that I will never, ever tire of trying to capture their beauty and share it with the rest of the world.”

Growing up in “the boonies” just north of the Florida Everglades, Blaise loved nothing more than being barefoot outdoors and chasing animals. “I was, and still am, fascinated by the natural world,” he says. “I’ve never wanted to draw anything else but the natural world, be it animals or landscapes. It’s just something that’s completely bred inside me; it’s in my DNA.”

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Savannah Gold

40″ by 70″

“This is a very large piece for me. I did this painting after returning from my second trip to Africa, to Masai Mara in Kenya more specifically. I’ve since been four times now, and every time I return I find I have the need to paint big. I want the viewer to feel the same emotions I feel when I’m there, and often I feel I can’t get those emotions across strongly enough without adding size to the equation. Size also enables me to have a bit more fun with the fur textures that I, in turn, want the viewer to explore.”