A Continual Pursuit

Categories: 2023 September-October Issue, Acrylic, David, Dorsey, Figurative, and Still Life.

David Dorsey takes great care to create Western paintings that are realistic rather than photorealistic. His goal is to move viewers to become involved, to fill in the blanks.

“I want viewers to look at a piece and be able to become connected to the image by allowing them to interpret areas within the piece that are not as defined as others,” Dorsey says. “I am always trying to move toward a looser feel and more expressive brushwork in my pieces.”

A Nebraska native, Dorsey lives within 75 miles of his childhood home in Newport. “I’m from a ranching family,” he says. “My family has actually been in Nebraska since it was a territory; since 1857.”

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Still life with a cowboy boot, blocks spelling out cowboy, a copy of "The Lone Ranger and the Gold Robber," and a cap gun.

I Wanna Be A Cowboy

30″ by 30″

Acrylic painting of a cowgirl on a horse riding with 4 more horses behind her.


16″ by 20″