Creating A Legacy

Categories: 2023 September-October Issue, McKenna, Mark, Oil, and Wildlife.

Some people follow sports teams, some follow the stock market. Award-winning artist Mark McKenna follows a herd of wild horses that roams the McCullough Peaks not far from where he lives in Cody, Wyoming.

“Just last week, I was able to get some great reference shots of this stallion named Sargent, who recently won over a group of horses from another stallion,” says McKenna, who describes Sargent as being mostly black with significant white markings, including a mane that shifts from black to white to black. “If you’ve ever been around a wild horse, they have so much character, especially these stallions who fight other stallions. They’ve got scars, and their manes are really tangled and fun to paint.”

Majestic beasts such as Sargent are the perfect subjects for McKenna to capture with his powerful brushwork and gift for portraying striking, almost cinematic light.

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Well On His Way

40″ by 48″

Oil of a fox laying in the snow


12″ by 30″