On to the Next Level

Categories: 2009 January-February Issue, Christensen, Scott, Holtzclaw, Paula, Landscape, and Oil.

Paula Holtzclaw (North Carolina)

Paula in her Studio

Five days a week, Paula Holtzclaw takes a seat at her easel and paints on location. Her setting is an idyllic one in the North Carolina countryside, about 20 miles south of Charlotte, a place of lush gardens and slow-moving clouds, and verdant farmland. She paints there at all times of the day, but she particularly loves the dusk, when the light falls and the colors deepen. Where is this magical place? It’s in Holtzclaw’s house; it’s her studio. Although she has been in her current studio for well over a decade now, she still speaks of it with gratitude and reverence.

Scott Christensen

High Tide
20″ By 20″