Opportunity Knocked; He Answered

Categories: 2011 May-June Issue, Grimm, Brian, Oil, and Wildlife.

A common denominator in the lives of many successful artists is being blessed early in their careers by connecting with professionals who are willing to share their time and talents. Wildlife painter Brian Grimm was fortunate to have been mentored by two of Texas’ most respected painters: landscapist Dalhart Windberg and wildlife painter Ken Carlson.

Brian Grimm (Texas)

Crossing The Snake
24″ By 30″
The idea for this painting was to have the viewer hear the water moving, as a moose crosses the Snake River in this peaceful morning scene.

Brian Grimm (Texas)

24″ By 36″
My wife noticed one of my reference photos of a grizzly bear and mentioned it looked like a circus bear teetering on a ball. So came the idea of a grizzly trekking in high mountain country, with a view as if it were on top of the world.