A Successful Gamble

I think the Lord gives you talent,but you have to sacrifice. You have to pay your dues.” So says Jim Norton, who did indeed pay his dues as he followed his dream of becoming an artist. He studied, he painted when he was dog tired after working a full-time job

Following the Flowers

When it comes to deciding what to paint, oil painter Kathy Anderson follows the flowers. Keeping abreast of what flowers grow at certain times of the year, she shares their delicate beauty through her award-winning garden, still life, and landscape paintings. Kathy Anderson (Connecticut) Poppies And White Peonies Oil 20″

Joie de Vivre

The joy of living, singing, dancing, laughing, and playing are the main components in nearly all of Canadian artist Clement Kwan’s paintings. “I like my paintings to express happiness,” he says. “I use my artistic skills to create art that will give people joy and hope. Art is my tool

Painting The Magic

He played classical guitar. He flew airplanes. He owned a business. But the title to which Arturo Chavez most aspired was artist. It took some time for him to reach that goal, but that made it all the sweeter. After all, the harder you have to work to achieve something,

Opportunity Knocked; He Answered

A common denominator in the lives of many successful artists is being blessed early in their careers by connecting with professionals who are willing to share their time and talents. Wildlife painter Brian Grimm was fortunate to have been mentored by two of Texas’ most respected painters: landscapist Dalhart Windberg

You Do What You Have To Do

Life hasn’t always been easy for Joan Potter, but it has been good. How, you might be wondering, can that be? Like other artists we have featured within the pages of this magazine, Potter struggled early in her career, but her talent, combined with her determination, has resulted in both