Switching Gears

George Carlson will celebrate his 72nd birthday in July, but he has the energy, physically as well as intellectually, of a man several decades younger. His enthusiasm as he talks about his life and his art is palpable. And no wonder—both have been fulfilling beyond what he could have imagined

A Great Gift

Working out of a studio in a suburb just west of Chicago, Illinois, Zhiwei Tu lives some 8,000 miles away from his ancestral home in the remote, mountainous area of Guandong Province in South China. Despite the distance, evocative figures on light-filled canvases still allow the gifted artist to share

Walking on the Wild Side

Luke Frazier is young, he\’s talented, and he represents a generation of young artists who will carry on the traditions of wildlife art masters such as Carl Rungius and Bob Kuhn. Luke Frazier (Utah) Pouncer Oil 16″ By 20″ Fox in the snow are a beautiful subject to paint—the warm,

The Love Factor

“I do portraits of pottery.” So says Patricia Dobson in a simple statement describing her paintings, but those works are much more than mere portraits. The placement of objects in her still life paintings are works of art in themselves; her use of color and light take those arrangements to

Walk On In

As artistic careers go, Daniel Mundy’s didn’t come to fruition until he was almost 45 years old, despite a life spent painting and dabbling in various art forms. It’s not that Mundy didn’t love the patterns and colors of the sky, or the nuances of form and color that shadows

Bigger, Bolder, Better

He’s part storyteller, part historian, and part movie director. That’s how Texas artist Xiang Zhang regards his role when he paints. And he takes his work so seriously that he combs the vast ranching landscapes of the Southwest in order to be as accurate as possible in his portrayals. Xiang