Switching Gears

Categories: 2012 May-June Issue, Bronze, Carlson, George, Oil, and Wildlife.

George Carlson will celebrate his 72nd birthday in July, but he has the energy, physically as well as intellectually, of a man several decades younger. His enthusiasm as he talks about his life and his art is palpable. And no wonder—both have been fulfilling beyond what he could have imagined as a young boy growing up in Illinois.

George Carlson (Idaho)

Third-Year Hunt
42″ By 42″
The bone white of the prostrate cottonwood supports a 3-year-old bald eagle in juvenile plumage. It was the tree that mesmerized me.

George Carlson (Idaho)

Descendent Of A War Horse
18″ High
The Percheron stallion has played a major role all through history, particularly as a war horse