Art is the Air I Breathe

Gordon Snidow made his name painting the American cowboy, something he’s been doing for more than five decades now. Although he has added other subjects to his repertoire over the years, when you mention his name, it’s almost sure to evoke images of the cowboy and the American West Gordon

No Substitute for Being There

Last November when Daniel Smith was roughing it at the Tundra Buggy Hotel at Cape Churchill, Canada, he was just doing what comes naturally to a wildlife artist —research. Some of his companions on the Arctic excursion were professional polar bear researchers, so Smith had the benefit of scientific knowledge

I’m Not Trying to Stay Safe

Laura Robb admits that, as a teenager, she was such a misfit that she didn’t even fit in with the other misfits. Those days are long past, and today she creates still life paintings that are beautifully composed and masterfully painted. The colors, the light, the textures are skillfully combined

Poetry in Three Dimensions

Sherry Sander marvels at how her life has unfolded, grateful to be able to sculpt animals and do what she loves. Sherry Sander (Montana) On The Jump Bronze 15″ High By 16″ Wide We had a pretty little Springer named Buddy, who loved to take us for walks in our

A Driving Devotion

The untamed spray spawned by waves crashing against a rugged shoreline, the quietude of a high mountain lake, a fleeting glow of sunset illuminating a coastal evening, or the rustle of the wind in towering eucalyptus trees—these are the ethereal auras of nature that Jesse Powell brings to life in

The Real Deal

“My goal was to go to ranches, hang out, chase cows, and paint. It still is”. So says Tom Dorr, whose cowboy paintings are so eagerly sought after that he struggles to keep up with the demand for his work. While he attributes part of that situation to the fact

The Studio of Mikel Donahue

If you happen to be driving near Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a quiet little suburb near Tulsa, you might pass a lovely, five-acre farm, surrounded by a picturesque white fence. Inside the fence, horses might be grazing quietly, or frolicking in the pasture. Strong and sleek, these race-bred quarter horses are