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Western Nouveau

To understand Thomas Blackshear II’s segue into Western art, you need to understand his storied career. It seems that the Colorado artist never does anything halfheartedly, nor does he redo the tried and true. In fact, he likes to take what other artists are rendering and tweak it to show viewers something they recognize, but he does so from an innovative perspective. Blackshear likens his work to rappers who take old music and give it a new slant. Relatively new to the Western art genre, Blackshear hit the scene about three years ago. “I’ve had a long and varied career,”
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The Joy Of Being Alive

Donna Howell-Sickles has been making her way as a fine artist for four decades. She’s earned numerous awards for her paintings and has been inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas. But, if you think she’s settled into a comfortable routine, you would be sadly mistaken. While the past has been pretty darn spectacular, the future for this award-winning artist promises to be more than a little exciting. Donna Sickles Soul Searching—The Pick of the Litter Mixed Media 36″x36″ “You can never have too many dogs or enough protective footwear, albeit the symbolic kind, because you
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The Studio of Mikel Donahue

If you happen to be driving near Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a quiet little suburb near Tulsa, you might pass a lovely, five-acre farm, surrounded by a picturesque white fence. Inside the fence, horses might be grazing quietly, or frolicking in the pasture. Strong and sleek, these race-bred quarter horses are worth admiring. But, beyond that, nothing remarkable catches your eye. Mikel Donahue Shipping Day Mixed Media 19″ By 22″
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