The Passion Continues

A small boy of 7, with curly dark hair, bright brown eyes, and a serious expression, walks home from school, looking at shop windows, as he passes. A movement in one of those windows catches his eye, and he stops, when he sees an artist on the other side of

Quintessential Movement

Birds in flight—majestic and powerful, banking, diving, soaring. Fish gliding through water—swift and focused, twitching, darting, frolicking. Each of J. Christopher White’s sculptures personifies movement and grace. Surprisingly, his sculptures are woodcarvings, or bronze-wood meld. Rarely would one quantify wood carving as fine art. White, however, has mastered this craft,

Still Climbing

How do you celebrate your birthday when you hit 60? If you are Colorado artist Ralph Oberg, you book a trip to Nepal. While it might not be on everyone’s bucket list, Oberg wanted to satisfy a deep longing to see the infamous peaks of that remote country. It was

The Joy Of Being Alive

Donna Howell-Sickles has been making her way as a fine artist for four decades. She’s earned numerous awards for her paintings and has been inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas. But, if you think she’s settled into a comfortable routine, you would be sadly mistaken.

‘I Paint What I Love’

“Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?” When Frank Serrano asked himself in that question in the early ‘90s, his immediate answer was, “No.” Already a successful commercial artist, he was getting bored and was finding the lure of fine art becoming increasingly

The Magic Is Working

In 1985, David Mann was a librarian at the Utah State Library in Salt Lake City. He had four kids under the age of 5—and he had a nagging notion that he wasn’t doing the right thing with his life. Mann already had changed careers a couple of times. He

The Studio of David “Scott” Rogers

Confirming that nearly 95 percent of his imagery celebrates the historical West, it’s obvious that sculptor David “Scott” Rogers could not have chosen a more appropriate location than Paradise, Utah, just 30 miles south of the Idaho border, in which to build his new studio. Surrounded on all four sides