Happily Held Hostage

Mention landscapes, and the name Clyde Aspevig likely will come to mind. The award-winning artist creates visual feasts, as he recreates the natural beauty of the world that inspires him. From meadows and mountains to lilies and lakes, he transports viewers, taking them by the eye and leading them to

Art, Pure and Simple

Robert Pummill is an artist—no fanfare, no frills, no desire to grandstand his art or his artistic ideas. Chatting with the Texas artist, you might begin to think he’s taciturn, but you quickly realize that’s not the case. He isn’t interesting in tooting his own horn; he just wants to

Making Them Proud

Artistic talent cannot be taught; rather it is birthed by a passion that lies deep within the heart and soul. There is no more shining example of this truism than reflecting on the prolific oeuvre created by Arizona-based sculptor Bill Nebeker during an amazing career that has spanned nearly four

A Glimpse of My Soul

The setting sun paints dramatic colors on the nearby 7,000-foot peaks as Karin and Wayne Hollebeke wrap up their ranching chores. Pumping water by hand from their well, they are both reminded of the pioneer lifestyle that was once prominent in this part of rural Utah. The Hollebeke ranch is

Answering the Call

“As I step in front of my easel, I make every effort to elevate my painting to art.” So says landscape painter John Burton, who has traveled the world and captured its natural beauty with remarkable skill. He is quick to point out, however, that his artistic talent is the

Their Walls are Alive

To describe Bob and Curtice McCloy as avid art collectors would be a gross understatement. The couple shares a voracious appetite for art, one they have satisfied during more than three decades by amassing a collection of almost 300 paintings. That collection—or rather a portion of it—is featured in “Patrons