‘It is Still Magical’

Richard Schmid is a painter’s painter, an artist’s artist. The truth of that statement is evident not only in his magnificent paintings, which have garnered countless awards and are included in collections throughout the world, but in the popularity of the books he writes and the workshops he conducts. Born

A Lifelong Journey

Lindsay Scott is a naturalist artist, or an artistic naturalist. Either way you slice it, she knows her subjects: wildlife and nature. As is often the case with wildlife artists, a love of nature, a penchant for accuracy, and a natural artistic ability form their careers. Scott’s ease with the

Home is Where the Horses Are

When Jim Rey’s mom died a few years ago, he found some of his childhood drawings that she had saved in a box. The pencil drawings, which Rey had done when he was just 4 or 5 years old, were of horses and cattle. Which is what Rey, now 74,

Taking Risks

If things had gone differently, Tammy Garcia might be operating her own beauty salon instead of creating award-winning art that sells as quickly as she can create it. Although she has been making and selling pottery since she was a teenager, at one point she enrolled in a beauty school,

Magical, Mystical Water

Water—whether a stream, lake, river, or ocean—is magical and mysterious, moody and mesmerizing. It can be peaceful or restless, soothing or savage, as it laps softly at a sandy shore or crashes against a rocky cliff. Words cannot begin to describe the beauty, the power, the majesty, of water. That

The Studio of Zhuo Liang

“I looked for the ideal house for two years,” Liang says of the Agoura Hills, California home that yielded the appropriate space needed for his new studio. The area, approximately 40 feet by 40 feet, features a ceiling that rises a full two stories. “You immediately sense the height and