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Passion and Prestige

When you finish reading this article, take a moment to clear away all the background distractions you’re able to eliminate. Open the magazine, or your browser, to one of Z.S. Liang’s paintings. If you’re a collector fortunate enough to own one of his works, go stand in front of it. Take in, for a few minutes, the sun-washed faces and the buckskin-clad figures, the moody skies and the red earth, the fur-trimmed clothing and the high-spirited horses, the surrounding scenery. Do your best, knowing what you know about Native American history, to piece together the story you are witnessing. Every
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The Studio of Zhuo Liang

“I looked for the ideal house for two years,” Liang says of the Agoura Hills, California home that yielded the appropriate space needed for his new studio. The area, approximately 40 feet by 40 feet, features a ceiling that rises a full two stories. “You immediately sense the height and it gives you a very good scale, especially if you paint large,” he says, noting that smaller spaces can often make a painting feel out of proportion and larger than it really is. Z. S. Liang (California) Joe Kipp Trader, Missouri River, 1879 Oil 44˝ by 68˝
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I’m Still Fighting the Battle

For Zhuo Liang, art seems to be in his genes. His father, Liang Yongtai, was a noted woodcut artist, who was mentioned in Pearl Buck’s book China in Black and White. His mother also had an art background and served as a musician and composer with the Chinese musicians’ association. And his three siblings are artists, as well. Z. S. Liang (California) Pride Of The Blackfeet Oil 60″ By 32″ The inspiration for this painting was derived from my personal association with these people. Z. S. Liang (California) Preparing For The Confrontation Oil 46″ By 68″ This event dates back
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