I’m Still Fighting the Battle

For Zhuo Liang, art seems to be in his genes. His father, Liang Yongtai, was a noted woodcut artist, who was mentioned in Pearl Buck’s book China in Black and White. His mother also had an art background and served as a musician and composer with the Chinese musicians’ association.

Natural Beauty

Happily working from his home studio, situated between two wineries in Penticton, British Columbia, Terry Isaac couldn’t be more pleased with his life—personally and professionally. He realized success early in his career and, now married and the father of four, his days are filled with the wonderful chaos that comes

Everything I Love

Kathleen Dunphy is as vibrant and colorful as the paintings she creates. Kathleen Dunphy (California) Caddis Hatch Oil 24″ By 48″ Fly fishing and plein air painting are the perfect combination, and my husband and I have found beautiful places to do both. Several trout were caught during this painting

My Voice is Coming Through

When Logan Maxwell Hagege takes a road trip to one of the deserts around his Southern California home, he doesn’t notice the endless grains of sand. He doesn’t see each of the individual rocks scattered around the landscape. He\’s not impressed by the wispy, feathery clouds drifting across the bright

A Work in Progress

Art and animals—the two are inseparable as far as sculptor Mick Doellinger is concerned. Although art and animals have always been his destiny, his path to career artist was anything but conventional. In fact, it’s the stuff legends are made of. Mick Doellinger (Texas) Excel Bronze 32.5″H By 51″L By

A Visual Journal of My Life

As this roper worked his magic during our dry summer, the dust swirled and obscured everything until his pale horse merged with the sunlit haze. It was a rare opportunity to see the abstraction of shadows and to paint a light-toned cowboy vignette with great lines and tension. I’m looking