The Studio of Kim Lordier

Until 2004, Kim Lordier created her brilliant paintings in a small bedroom at her home in Millbrae, California, just outside San Francisco. Today, she is happily at work in a structure that is separate from the house but is connected to it by a deck that features a myriad of

‘Let There Be Light—and Color’

“Color and light are everything in a painting.” So says Tom Murray, whose paintings are proof of his belief in that statement. They are alive with color, whether he is depicting sundown over a canyon, spring in the desert, or the majesty of the Grand Canyon. Viewers are immediately drawn

‘I Love What I Am Doing’

Although Tom Dorr ranks among the nation’s most prolific painters of Western art, the Phoenix-based artist, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, and spent his early years in Kansas City, Kansas, had little affinity for subjects west of the Mississippi. That changed, when his father’s employer, AT&T, transferred the family

Perfect Pitch

The thing about Gene Speck’s art is that, although it’s been dubbed realism, it goes beyond photorealism; it becomes your reality. Once you see one of his paintings, you aren’t just looking at a picture; you’re in another time and space. Speck’s heart and aesthetic nature is inured in a

Doing it His Ways

Greg Woodard has been known as a carver, a sculptor and a falconer. He’s worked with wood, clay, bronze, and concrete. And he’s created everything from eagles and buffalo to cowboys and past presidents. “I like adventure,” Woodard admits. “Not many of my pieces are like the last.” One of

Joyful Creativity

Laura Robb’s still life paintings are anything but still. Magnificently composed and masterfully executed, they come alive with vibrant colors, an exciting blend of shapes, strategically placed light, and intriguing brush strokes. They are a visual feast that have earned Robb a myriad of awards and that continue to challenge

Passion and Prestige

When you finish reading this article, take a moment to clear away all the background distractions you’re able to eliminate. Open the magazine, or your browser, to one of Z.S. Liang’s paintings. If you’re a collector fortunate enough to own one of his works, go stand in front of it.