Infinite Possibilities

Jeffrey Legg’s still life paintings are stunning. The colors, the textures, the strategic lighting all combine to create paintings that have earned a myriad of honors. Last year alone, Legg walked away with several awards, including the Donors Award of Excellence at the Oil Painters of American National Juried Exhibition,

Addicted to Painting

Don Weller always intended to make horses his career—but he wasn’t planning on painting them. His goal, he says, was actually to be a rodeo cowboy. It was an obsession that started when Weller was 7 or 8 years old and reading cowboy stories by Will James. He says he

Pleasing the Eye, Gladdening the Heart

That inspirational verse, taken from his church’s sacred writings, is a rallying cry for Joshua Clare. Seldom constrained by subject matter, the Utah oil painter might choose to paint a barnyard scene, or perhaps capture the evening glow of a desert setting. In his mind, however, he is aiming beyond

Fine Art and Freedom

It’s been an interesting ride for Michael Dudash, an award-winning illustrator who, early in is career, occasionally spent nights locked in a cadaver room at the University of Minnesota, as he sketched illustrations for a medical magazine. Those days are long behind him, and today Dudash is a fine artist,

Simplicity and Truth

While a passion for simplicity might seem to be a bit of a dichotomy for someone born and raised in the vibrantly active Southern California beach community of Torrence, 38-year-old landscape painter Glenn Dean emphasizes this is the quality he strives for, both in his personal lifestyle and most decidedly

The Art of Breaking Rules

Dan Bodelson is a rebel. Not a James Dean kind of rebel, not a rebel without a cause, but rather one whose focus is art. You see, so much about art, according to Bodelson, has to do with defying the rules—in essence, rebelling. “In fact, there are no rules,” he