The Studio of David Lemon

The old saying that “good things coming in small packages” could very well be applied to the studio in which Montana-based sculptor David Lemon creates his legendary Western bronzes. The intricate design and historically accurate detail in each piece belies the fact that these captivating images are being brought to

‘Plenty Left to Do’

Gerald Balciar and his wife Bonnie start every day with a walk around their property. They loop around the 10-acre plot near Parker, Colorado, three times, weaving between the trees they planted when they moved there 26 years ago. As they walk, Balciar counts bluebirds. “Most days we see eight

‘Unexpected Miracles’

The man walked into the gallery, studied several paintings, and then purchased one of Carol Peek’s paintings of a Holstein. “I have to have this painting,” he told the gallery staff member, “and I don’t even like cows!” It was a great compliment for Peek, who says, “I got him

‘I Like a Sexy Surface’

“I’m fascinated with the allegorical—and the real—journey of life.” So says B. C. Nowlin of his powerful, colorful paintings, many of which are included in corporate collections throughout the country, as well as in private collections by the likes of Sophia Loren and Led Zepplin. “I am told that I

‘I Paint to Listen’

Montana artist John Potter does more than paint lovely landscapes and realistic wildlife. His art invites viewers to listen to the voice of the earth inside them. “The deeper message I hope to convey is this: Take the time to nurture and nourish your senses, your heart, and your spirit

Making Connections, Seeing Patterns

“Painting is all about seeing,” oil painter Carolyn Anderson frequently notes. It’s a talking point in previous interviews, and it’s something she reiterates regularly to the intermediate and advanced art students, who attend her workshops. It’s also a concept absolutely essential to understanding her art, both in terms of creative

The Long and Winding Road

“I was an out-of-control child,” John DeMott says. “I was right-brain from the get-go. We would walk to kindergarten, and sometimes I wouldn’t make it to class, so my mother would come looking for me, and I would be catching butterflies. I did what I wanted to do, not necessarily