The Studio of Giuliana Aubert

Categories: 2019 May-June Issue, Aubert, Giuliana, Landscape, and Oil.

Giuliana Aubert loves her new studio at her home in Manhattan Beach, California. It’s one of two; the other is at her home in Lake Como, in northern Italy, where she spends four months each year. Two studios? It’s what artists do, she says, adding, “We try to figure out how to have our working space where we live.”

Initially, Aubert painted in a bedroom, then graduated to the dining room, and eventually to the great room—where people passing by on the street could watch her at work, which she hated. Later, she work in a public studio that, she says, didn’t quite pass muster. Those experiences taught her what she didn’t want in a studio, and gave her the tools to design one that would match her personality and who she is as an artist.

Things changed last May, when Aubert bought her home in Manhattan Beach. Although it’s only ten minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport, she describes her home and studio a sanctuary; it’s her tranquil place.

Giuliana Aubert

No Trespassing (Kauai)
Soft Pastel

Giuliana Aubert

The Calm Before the Storm