Hitting Their Stride

Categories: 2020 March-April Issue, Delehanty, Sandy, Figurative, Genre, Gilbert, Jessica, Gutting, Abigail, Oil, Portrait, Watercolor, and Wildlife.

Maybe it’s using complementary colors. Perhaps it’s painting in black and white or sepia tones. Maybe it’s diving deeply into one subject matter to capture it perfectly.

Artists go through phases of work, improving their techniques and finding their places in the art world. Whether it’s at the beginning, middle, or later in their careers, something just ‘clicks’ when artists find the subject matter, medium, or technique that allows their creativity to shine.

Meet three artists who are hitting their stride, and who are being featured in Art of the West for the first time. They are worthy of your attention, as they continue to compose pieces in their specific styles and to develop their ‘thing’ that makes them stand out as individual artists.

Read the entire article in the March/April 2020 issue.

Underneath It All by Jessica GilbertUnderneath It All

Jessica Gilbert
30” by 20”

“This is the first of a series of paintings of cowgirls and quilts. The American quilt is synonymous with women of the West and their art.”

Waiting by Sandy DelehantyWaiting

Sandy Delehanty
18” by 24”

“Riomaggorie, Cinque Terre, Italy: A big storm was coming so the villagers had hauled their boats to the tiny piazza at the top of the boat ramp to wait it out. Loving the arrangement of shapes, my students and I quickly sketched and took photos before running for cover before the rain hit.”

The Phone Call by Abigail GuttingThe Phone Call

Abigail Gutting
24” by 30”

“I like to paint the contemporary American West. The kneeling cowboy in the foreground is talking on his cell phone, an element of 21st century culture. The conversation is left to our imagination as the horse patiently waits behind him.”