The Studio of Luke Frazier

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For more than three decades, a working studio located in the serene Cache Valley of northern Utah has provided inspiration for Luke Frazier’s magnificent paintings. It’s a homey space filled with a plethora of items that he knows and loves and that gives visitors the opportunity to know him on a more personal level.

“When my wife Angela and I built our home, its design included a great room, which was intended to serve as my studio,” Frazier says. The room’s footprint measures approximately 20’ by 30’, and its 18-foot high ceiling easily accommodates his sculptures as well as large paintings.

“I have windows on all three sides —probably more than I need—which means I not only have the traditional north light, but eastern and southern exposures as well,” he says. “When it gets too bright in here, I can lower the shades to cut down the glare.”

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Texas Tapestry

28” by 36”

Moment of Truth

36” by 48”