It Starts With Color

Categories: 2020 September-October Issue, Figurative, Oil, Portrait, and Tu, Zhiwei.

Known for ethereal and evocative paintings and drawings, Zhiwei Tu is a textbook example of someone whose determination and hard work have raised him from a humble life in China to the status of award-winning artist. His paintings are inspired by his love for the people, history, and culture of his homeland and have earned him international recognition. Since 1990, when a gallery in Chicago, Illinois, became the first in the United States to carry Tu’s work, he has been honored with more than 25 one-man shows and dozens of exhibitions in the United States, China, Japan, Algeria, England, France, and Canada.

The most gratifying tribute to Tu, however, is the Zhiwei Tu Art Museum, built in Shaoguan City in his home region of Wengyuan Country. The government built it but Tu had a hand in creating its design. To thank his wife, Danni, a concert pianist and violinist, for being his artistic soul mate for more than 30 years, he asked that the venue be constructed in the shape of a grand piano.

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Country Music

36″ by 24″
“I have traveled the mountains from New Mexico to Montana to see some people who are living in the forest and on rocks and enjoying music and dancing. Some are playing the old life of the pioneer.”

Girl with her Violin

40″ by 30″
“I did this painting in an artist’s studio, using a college student as a model.”