A Double Dose of Magic

Categories: 2021 July-August Issue, Conrad, Bonnie, Figurative, Genre, Oil, and Wildlife.

For four and a half years, Bonnie Conrad had to take a break from painting. She was recovering from an illness that sapped her of her strength and then, as she felt better, she and her husband were building a new home in Mendon, Utah. She painted whenever she could and whenever she was preparing for a show.

By January 2020, Conrad was feeling more like herself again, so she started painting more often. And that’s when something magical happened.

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Son Kissed

24” by 30”

“This work is about the light that is in, around, and through all things and that makes possible all of creation. Visibly here, it has the back of this mother and daughter, though they remain oblivious in their sunlit garden walk.”

The Loose Bunch

20” by 30”

“Fascinating were the patterns of light formed by the whites of the blazes and markings on the horses as they splashed through the water. They combine with the other lights to form an interesting juxtaposition of light and dark laced with some smashing color notes. All is movement here except the land in the background.”