‘I’m Super Excited’

Categories: 2021 July-August Issue, Figurative, Genre, Homer, Chauncey, Oil, and Wildlife.

Arizona oil painter Chauncey Homer entered the arena as a professional artist less than two decades ago, but his work has already garnered a strong collector base. His paintings are eagerly sought after and hang in prestigious galleries alongside compositions by masters of the Western genre such as Howard Terpning, Roy Anderson, Robert Shufelt, and R. S. Riddick.

The popularity of Homer’s work is due to a combination of his artistic skill and his broad repertoire of subject matter. “I have tried to limit what I paint to five things that I personally love to look at: kids; beautiful women to include Flamenco dancers, pioneer women; horses and working men such as cowboys, trappers, and Native Americans,” he says.

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Winds of Change

12” by 16”

“Long manes get matted and tangled into dreadlocks. I love the way they toss about in the wind and when the horse is in motion. It has sort of a wave effect. When you get this on horses that have some sass, it enhances their wildness and gives them a sort of rock star quality.”

Silver Bits

14” by 24”

“My challenge here was to do a subtle, realistic painting of the horses but also develop texture and broken color to keep it alive and interesting. As your eye wanders around the seemingly neutral surface, many full-chroma surprises are realized. The bits are classic elements used in Western tack—wagon wheel, star, and lucky seven. Metallic paint was used for the silver parts, which adds sparkle when viewed in person.”