Talent Knows No Age

Categories: 2021 July-August Issue, Brady, Jared, Broadmoor Galleries, Landscape, Oil, Oldham, Cody, Still Life, and Wildlife.

In 2004, after 30 years in the car business, John Marzolf sold his three dealerships and retired. Two years later, however, he was bored and looking for something to do. “I loved art, and I collected art,” he says, “so I decided to buy and sell art.”

While visiting the Biltmore Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona, Marzolf purchased a Frank Tenney Johnson painting for $275,000 and met the gallery’s owner, Steve Rose. “I liked Rose,” Marzolf says, adding that three times he asked Rose to sell the gallery to him. “The fourth time I said, ‘Why don’t you sell it to me and stay on and mentor me?” That fourth time turned out to be a charm. Marzolf purchased the gallery in 2006, and Rose stayed on for four years.

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Rushing Emerald

By Jared Brady
9” by 12”

“I painted this piece on location at Eleven Mile Canyon, about an hour away from my home. From a distance, I saw the emerald waters and striking light hitting the falls. The scene instantly drew me in. I trekked down the boulders with my plein air gear and found a perfect spot from which to paint. It was a fun challenge to try to capture the movement of the rushing falls.”

Calling of Autumn

By Cody Oldham
24” by 30”

“Aside from the Tetons, the Sneffels mountain range is definitely another favorite of mine to paint. I was trying to find a middle ground between fairly loose and super detailed. I absolutely love painting the details in the distant mountains, especially the show clinging to the cliffs.”