Chasing Perfection

Categories: 2021 November-December Issue, Figurative, Genre, Oil, Poppleton, Chad, and Wildlife.

There are things you have to give up if you’re going to run a ranch, raise a family, and pursue a career as a wildlife artist all at the same time. Chad Poppleton, who took over the operations of his dad’s ranch in northern Utah’s Cache Valley a year ago, is doing all three—and doing them well.

Most days, he’s up early to do chores and get work done around the ranch. Once those jobs are done, he heads to his studio and paints for several hours. Then he loops back to the ranch for more chores and to wrap up the day.

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The Vision: Charles Marion Russell

36” by 48”

“A personal hero of mine and many other artists is C.M. Russell. He painted from memory and experience, while not having the luxuries of cameras, computers, or a well-lit studio available, to enchant us with his painted stories of the West. History owes provenance to Russell’s ardent attention to the details he painted of time and place. I can imagine Charley standing on a prairie vista, looking out across Square Butte, envisioning stories passed on to him from the old chiefs and cowboys friends, literally being caught up in the moment.”

Happy Hour

30” by 48”

“September is the prime-time rutting season for the North American elk. Here, an amorous bull elk escorts his harem to a cool refreshing stream to quench their thirst from the hot dry days and relax before the romantic shenanigans of the evening.”