‘Color is Everything To Me’

Categories: 2021 November-December Issue, Anderson, Kathy, Landscape, Oil, Still Life, and Wildlife.

In early August, Kathy Anderson was hard at work in the studio at her home in Redding, Connecticut. She had just returned from a 12-day reunion in Montana with members of the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters and was preparing to head to Vermont the following week to paint with the Putney Painters.

Anderson was also working on a painting for a show in October and that afternoon was scheduled to give a video tour of her studio for the Scottsdale Artists School. Later that week she would be serving as an awards judge for a local art show. And, as she does most days when the weather warrants it, she would spend a couple hours tending the six gardens that surround the house she shares with her husband John.

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Cardinal and Quince

10” by 8”

“I painted this when my quince bush was in full bloom this spring. Designing the quince out of a mass of blooms was the challenge—plus, I needed the right branch for the cardinal to perch on. I see them often in the bush; a perfect color harmony!”

A Red Rose

12” by 20”

“I was inspired by the pastel colors of these summer roses and chose the transparent glass so it wouldn’t compete with them. When I was almost finished, I felt it needed a little jolt of color, so I added the red rose.”