Peaceful Feelings

Categories: 2022 January-February Issue, Dykman, Paul, Landscape, Oil, and Wildlife.

When Paul Dykman steps outside his rural Montana home, his first instinct is to look up. “I look up, and I see the mountains; I see the amazing sky,” he says. “And I think, ‘Lord, how did you do that? Will you please show me how to do that?’

“It’s so beautiful. I look around and wonder how to get that certain color in the sky or the hue of the mountain. It’s not easy to emulate what God finds so easy to do.” Dykman has spent the past 20-plus years trying to do just that.

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Glacier Sunset

30” by 40”

“I frequently visit Glacier National Park for ideas and inspiration. I enjoy painting recognizable scenery and capturing the beauty of the sunsets during different seasons of the year.”

Running Reflections

24” by 36”

“Having grown up with horses, I developed a love for them and enjoy capturing them in my artwork. This painting combines the colors of sunset with the active movement of the horses running freely through the water.”