Walking With Grace

Categories: 2022 March-April Issue, Landscape, Moses, Jennifer, and Oil.

Walking with grace has become a way of life for landscape artist Jennifer Moses. “I have always had an affinity for the word,” she says. “For me, grace encapsulates so many other words. It exists in all things that are in their purest, natural state.”

Moses’ fascination with things in their natural state might have begun in Virginia. She and her family moved there from Kansas when she was 3 years old. Her father Mike was in the Army Reserve and was assigned to Fort Eustace Army Base for advanced training. There, Moses and her sister Krista enjoyed spending summers waterskiing on the Warwick River and winters skiing in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her mother Gwen, a schoolteacher, enrolled both daughters in ballet, piano, and drawing classes.

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Aerial Flight

26” by 24”

“Fireworks, an aerial celebration of shimmering explosions, burst across the night sky. With each explosion, a magnificent display of shapes and lights appears at the pinnacle in a rainbow of colors, falling and fading into darkness, leaving behind a swirling cloud of smoke. There is something ethereal and mysterious about them. Capturing these fleeting aerial acts is a celebration of the human spirit.”

Summer Light, Blue Fish Cover

10” by 11”

“Point Lobos State Natural Reserve retains the feeling of an ancient coastal landscape. Decades of artists and photographers have been inspired to capture its beauty and grandeur. Artist Francis McComas described the point as the ‘greatest meeting of land and water in the world.’ This painting embodies one day by one artist attempting to capture this beauty and grandeur.”