Finding—and Sharing—Beauty

Categories: 2022 May-June Issue, Meyer, Pat, Oil, and Still Life.

“There is so much ugly going on in the world that you need somewhere to find beauty.”

So says Pat Meyer who is helping people do just that with her stunningly vibrant paintings of flowers, landscapes, and ballerinas. Her works have earned a myriad of awards as well as invitations to exhibit at prestigious art shows. She is especially proud that she is a signature artist with the National Oil and Acrylic Painters of America (NOAPS), is a member of Women Artists of the West (WAOW), and has won Best Floral awards with both groups.

For most of her life, Meyer couldn’t have imagined that she would one day be an award-winning artist, but she is grateful to have earned that status. When you meet her, you come away thinking that Meyer can do anything she sets her mind to—and do it well. Admitting that she has a Type A personality, Meyer is ambitious, organized, and focused. Those characteristics served her well as a corporate executive and continue to serve her well as an artist.

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Red, White, and Flow Blue

11” by 14”

“This was painted for the celebration of America with my favorite Flow Blue antique dish. It sold at the Huntsville Museum of Art.”

Spring Fever

12” by 12”

“These flowers were grown in my garden, mainly the cabbage rose, which is one of my favorites.”