The Beauty of Black and White

Categories: 2022 May-June Issue, Brownlee, Rachel, Charcoal, Figurative, Portrait, Still Life, and Wildlife.

When Rachel Brownlee walked into the Mountain Oyster Club art show in Tucson, Arizona, last November, she couldn’t believe her eyes. There, hanging in a prized spot in the center of the back wall, was her charcoal drawing, At the Ready. “I was speechless,” she says.

Things got even better when her drawing won the Best of Show Award and when it sold. Brownlee says that at the time she didn’t know much about pricing artwork. She was left speechless again when the man who purchased that drawing told her that he had walked into the building, saw it, had never seen anything like it, and “bought it off the wall.”

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Things Unseen

28” by 26”

“This piece was an absolute endurance marathon. It took the longest amount of time of any piece I’ve done, and the work was excruciatingly detailed. I wanted the viewer to see every hair in the tousled mane and to experience the rope bridle and broken rein of this moment in time. Real ranch work doesn’t always wait for brushing out a mane.”

Now My Eyes See You

30” by 22”

“I have spent the last year praying that God would open my eyes to see His creation in its true beauty so I can portray it as He sees it. He answered my prayer and has really improved my skill. This piece shows the depth and even the soul of a woman who sees and has seen much more than you do. You look at her and have to wonder who she is and what she’s asking you.”