The Studio of C. Michael Dudash

Categories: 2024 May-June Issue, Dudash, Michael, Figurative, Genre, and Oil.

C. Michael Dudash’s 2,100-square-foot studio is nestled on a scenic, five-acre lot in the small Irish city of Rathdrum, Idaho, a small town just north of Coeur d’Alene. Working with a contractor, he designed and built a beautiful studio, one that would stand out and have a certain “je ne sais quoi.” The interesting shape resembles a church from the outside and could easily be remodeled someday to accommodate a large RV by taking out two interior walls and adding a larger garage door.

“That’s the way I designed it—a big main room,” Dudash says. “At its core, it’s a large pole barn structure. On the sides, it’s stick-framed, using two-by-sixes that frame the office and bathroom and workshop. I wanted to make the building look a little more interesting than just a box.” With the help of his builder and friend, Dudash built the one-story building with the main painting space at one end. It’s tall, with 12- to 14-foot ceilings in the middle and sloped on the sides, giving the studio interesting eye appeal.

“It’s a little deceiving when people walk in here through that red door on the side of the building,” Dudash says. “They [walk into] a great big room and go ‘Whoa!’”—surprised at the size of the 832-square-foot main room where he paints. The other 1,300 or so square feet has a small garage centered on the other end and a large storage room in the middle of the structure. Those areas are flanked by a full bathroom, an office, and a workshop, all surrounded by windows.

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