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A Man and His Medium

The stone speaks to me. I let the stone tell me what to do. Doug Hyde (Arizona) People Of The Red Tailed Hawk Bronze 62″ By 40″ By 76″ The Red Tailed Hawk is one of the most common hawks. He is revered in Indian country for his hunting skills and keen vision. The sculpture shows him flying over all the different tribes, from early history to today. Doug Hyde (Arizona) The Drum Echoes Through Our Hearts Utah Alabaster 10″ By 27″ By 19″ This intertribal gathering of many different tribes has the common thread of the drum. It is
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Challenges Met

Blair Buswell How Many More Bronze 19 1/2″ High Veryl Goodnight A New Beginning Bronze 14″ High James Muir The Dance Bronze 7′ High Scott Rogers Stampede Bronze 28″ High Dennis Smith Small Wonder Bronze 18″ High Shirley Thomson Smith Femeninas Bronze 45″ Height
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