‘I Can’t Turn it Off’

Categories: 2021 May-June Issue, Cheever, Bruce, Figurative, Landscape, Oil, and Still Life.

For a long time, Bruce Cheever was best known as a landscape painter. His atmospheric, often nostalgic scenes had earned awards, recognition, and a solid following of collectors. Those landscapes are still his recognizable pieces—and landscapes are still his favorite subject to paint. During the past several years, however, he’s been steadfastly broadening his universe to include still lifes, figures, wildlife, and more.

“My goal is to be able to sit down and paint any subject with equal confidence,” Cheever says. “I’ve tried to push my boundaries out further so that I feel comfortable tackling any subject. I wanted to be a stronger artist, to have more confidence that I could take on things that I hadn’t been as confident about early on.”

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The Raid

24” by 30”

“From time to time, I love the challenge of doing a painting where there is a significant amount of detail, and with that detail comes the equal challenge to create space in the painting that rests the eye. This painting is about the eventual outcome of an encounter, but I wanted the end of the story to be left blank so that the viewer could participate in coming to his or her own conclusion. I love to stir the imagination.”

Stone House Pasture

20” by 36”

“I love to get deliberately lost and to find places of peace and tranquility. There isn’t much more that stirs my soul than to find a scene that calms me. This painting represents what I love the most, as it is about peace and serenity. I love those places that have a history and a story and believe that most people have nostalgia down deep inside them. I believe it connects us to some of the things we desire the most.”