The Studio of Quang Ho

Categories: 2021 September-October Issue, Figurative, Ho, Quang, Landscape, Oil, and Wildlife.

While the United States has been blessed with a multitude of native-born painters, its art heritage has also been greatly enriched by the work of many foreign-born artists, from Nicolai Fechin and John Singer Sargent to Zhiwei Tu and Mian Situ. Another name on the list of foreignborn artists who are sharing their cultural heritage with American art collectors is Quang Ho, who was born in Vietnam and is creating
some of the most sought-after works in today’s market.

Born in 1963, in Hue, Vietnam, Ho was 12 when he came to the United States with his mother and seven siblings. A couple living in Denver, Colorado, became their sponsors and quickly noticed Ho’s artistic talent. Others did, as well, and when he was a sophomore in high school, a local gallery sponsored a one-man show for him. He went on to win a National Scholastic art award scholarship, which made it possible for him to study at the Colorado Institute of Art.

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The Athlete

30” by 30”

Autumn Woods

64” by 78”