‘A Renaissance Woman’

Categories: 2023 March-April Issue, Figurative, Landscape, Lee, Laurie, Oil, and Wildlife.

Laurie Lee’s art career took root while she and her husband Bryan lived for more than 45 years in Frannie, Wyoming, a small town—population 150—on the Montana border. They raised three children there, while also running the family’s natural gas business.

Today, she and Bryan live in Powell, Montana, not far from Frannie. Lee has not moved far geographically but, artistically, she has come a long way as she creates paintings that tell stories, ask questions, and are beautifully crafted.

A solid career in oil paintings that depict a range of visual moods—from pensive portraits to moody nightscapes to vivid wildlife—began with watercolors and ocean scenes. During college, Lee had developed her own style of watercolor that was light on the water and heavy on the color, which gave her more control over her subject matter.

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Long Day In the Saddle

24″ by 30″

“Nocturnes are a challenge to paint but one I really enjoy. The cowboy here has had a long day. The lights of home are in the distance, but a rest stop up the trail might be needed before he goes much further.”

End of a Perfect Day

16″ by 20″

“The sky was gorgeous and captured my attention while traveling on a freeway in Montana. A quick photograph through the car window proved to be enough to put the story to canvas. With a few changes to the foreground and the addition of the figures, it came alive. Cowboys love their way of life, and this was one of many a perfect day.”