A Tapestry of Discovery

Z. S. Liang (California) Camp Sentry Oil 46″ By 30″ Z. S. Liang (California) Crow Scout, U.S. 7th Calvary, 1876 Oil 36″ By 24″

Successful Transition

John Fawcett The Looking Glass Oil 20″ By 16″ John Fawcett Stirrin’ Up Some Dust Watercolor 20″ By 16″

Inspired Expressions

Paul Panossian Up With The Sun Oil 20″ By 24″ Paul Panossian A Place To Rest Oil 30″ By 40″

Pushing the Wildlife Envelope

Ken Carlson Wilderness Of Rock Oil 36″ By 24″ Ken Carlson Sliver Of Sun Oil 18″ By 36″