The Studio of Michael Blessing

Michael Blessing is working on a big project that he expects to complete next year. When it’s done, his evolution as an artist will hit a new level. Actually, it will hit two levels. Currently, it’s still in the blueprint stage—a two-level home studio with a view of the Alaska

Exquisite Designs

What happens when you pair aesthetics with mathematics? In the case of Texas artists Marilyn Endres and Eucled Moore, the results are complex, segmented, wood-turned vessels that combine classic shapes with contemporary, modern designs. The two artists take turns driving from their homes in Texas—his in San Miguel and hers

Great Inspiration

When you see a William Haskell painting, you will never forget it. The shapes, the colors, the movement within it are, simply put, stunning. And that’s just as he wants it. “You can be a great technician,” Haskell says, “but, if you can’t compose a painting with a great flow,

Peaceful, Spiritual Paintings

In November, Jane Hunt expects to move into her “dream studio” in her family’s home outside of Boulder, Colorado. Building it has been a three-year process, and she’s more than excited to leave behind the small, temporary space she’s been using. It isn’t just the open floor plan and the

Striking Gold

Harper Henry sees gold in everyday things, both figuratively and literally. Her stylized and visually rich depictions of animals and other Western subjects, some of them set against backdrops that incorporate materials such as gold leaf, represent the creative product of someone who is continually collecting and sifting through the

‘I Have to Explore’

Wildlife sculptor Tim Cherry is constantly finding new ways to delight the eye. “I’ve kind of reinvented myself in the last three years,” says the artist, whose lyrical interpretations of animals have earned him many honors and a devoted following during his 35-year career. “The work I’m doing now is

Story Teller Extraordinaire

In June of 1973, Clark Kelley Price had just worked a spring roundup in Montana. He had four paintings in his truck and decided to stop at the Jensen Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on his way home to Utah. He was bedraggled, but he entered the gallery and wandered