‘I Love Beauty’

Larry Riley pulled back a bit from painting a few years ago but he didn’t pull back from creating. During COVID, when galleries were closed, he turned away from his easel and began to make classical guitars. It wasn’t the first time during his 76 years on earth that he

A Testimony to Her Art and Her Story

Kathryn Merrill has a lot going on right now, in both her life and her art. The accomplished Oklahoma artist, who brings ranch scenes to vivid life with colored pencils and oil paints, is in a particularly vivid period of her own existence. During the past year, she married Sid,

Changing Lanes

Wyoming sculptor and painter, J. C. Dye, says an artist needs two lifetimes: one to master the art of sculpting and painting and another to reap some rewards. As a 76-year-old who has enough experience to fill at least two lifetimes, one reward is being recognized as one of the

A Noble Pursuit

Amy Lay admits that it took her a few years to recognize the value of the art degree she earned from Eastern Oregon University in 1994. At the time, most of the faculty members were interested only in abstract art and didn’t appreciate her passion for wildlife and nature. Since

‘There’s a Method to My Madness’

Fruit, fabric, and flexibility are three key elements in the process watercolorist Chris Krupinski uses as she creates award-winning paintings in the studio at her home in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fruits—everything from Chinese lantern plants and clementines to grapes and pears—are the focal points of her vibrantly colored paintings. Fabric—in the

The Studio of Joseph McGurl

Just off Upper Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a small stretch of land called Amrita Island, where Joseph McGurl has lived for almost 30 years. It’s also where he has his studio and paints landscapes of both the East Coast and the West Coast. That stretch of land has a history

Living Her Dream

At this year’s Art of the Cowgirl event in Queen Creek, Arizona, Chinese-born still life painter Yun Wei earned the title of Reserve Champion of the Quick Draw—a competition in which artists rapidly complete a painting on-site. Her winning piece features an intricately detailed leather saddle, the sort of subjects