Preserving the Art of Copperplate Engraving

“My passion lies in documenting the beauty of my subject matter, which is primarily threatened and endangered species of wildlife and the culture of the American West,” says Don Whittecar. “My medium, copperplate engraving, is also disappearing. While most people are aware of conservation efforts for wildlife and their habitats,

Style Change

It all started in September 2021, when Western artist Sonya Terpening was honored as a distinguished alumni at an Oklahoma State University (OSU) football game. When her name and image were flashed on the jumbotron at halftime, another alumni and major supporter OSU, recognized her and realized he had purchased

‘I’m Inspired by God’s Creation’

“I have to paint my vision.” So says Frank Ordaz, whose visions range from portraits and landscapes to cowboys and old trucks. He is so eclectic in his subject matter and style that a gallery owner once told him, “I don’t know where to put you; I don’t know how

Beauty is the Goal

“The most consistent source of my inspiration will always be nature.” So says Aaron Blaise, who spent most of his career as an animator for Walt Disney Feature Animation before turning to fine art and capturing everything from small birds and big cats to elephants and moose in a beautifully

Beautifully Authentic

Monte Moore describes his art career as a large tree. After so many years as an illustrator—and so much more—he says, “I started growing another branch.” That new branch is his career as a fine artist who captures the people and wildlife of the West in a myriad of mediums,

‘I Will Always Have My Art’

If you walked into a particular Coeur D’Alene office building at 4 a.m., you would find Western artist Tobias “Toby” Sauer already hard at work. He faces an easel, surrounded by beaded moccasins, feathered headdresses, and a bear claw necklace that hang from the walls. Sauer began to make his